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Fuhrpark ProblemlösungenSolutions for known problems

Assure that the path length to the database folder does not exceed 80 characters.
Open the main menu under 'Extra/License configuration' delete the record with your license key, post the changes and reenter your license key.
In some cases you must restart the application after re-applying the license key.
Cause may be a conflict with a previous installation of Check&Drive or moving the database to a different machine.
Imported vehicles must first be activated. You can activate vehicles via 'Edit/Activate vehicles...' from the main menu.
On the old PC:
  1. Do a backup of your database. This can be done under "Extra/Backup database......" in the main menu.
  2. In the directory "DB" of the backed up database delete the following files if exists: "Paradox.lck" und "Pdoxusrs.lck".
  3. In the directory "Net" of the backed up database delete all files. Note: the folder may be empty already.
On the new PC:
  1. Do a new complete installation of the software (including new database).
  2. IMPORTANT ! The version of the new installation must match the installed version on the old PC (e.g. old PC: V3.28, new PC: you must install V3.28 !)
  3. Start the program and select "Extra/Restore database..." from the main menu. Choose the directory of the previously saved database.
  4. If you get a license warning please delete the license under "Extra/License configuration" (-) and reenter the license key (+).
  5. Check the file "DB.ini" in your database folder. The entry "Home=" contained in that file must point to this "DB.ini". Please adjust accordingly if necessary.
  6. Restart the program and check if all is ok.