News and update informations

September 2016 - Update: Check&Drive 3.37 !

A brand new update is available for immediate download.

This update addresses several small bug fixes and comes with improvements like default labor rate and unit settings for repair and maintenance items.
Also the calendar will now let you display, create and edit incident records.

The free download is available here: download site

May 2016 - Update: Check&Drive 3.33 !

This update will bring you user defineable pick lists for vehicle data or will let you mark certain fields as required, adding them automatically to your vehicles data sheet.
Also there are many smaller improvements, like the enhanced pick list for quick selection of time frames and of course bug fixes.

As usual, download of this update is available for free under the following link: download site

August 2015 - Update offer. Save 40% on the retail price of Check&Drive 3.x

Existing customers of Check&Drive version 2.x will receive a discount of 40% on the actual retail price of Check&Drive version 3.x.

Please send an email with some kind of purchase proof to:
We will then send you a coupon code for the latest program version.

Updating to the brand new version is easy. All your data can be easily imported into the new version too !

April 2015 - Update: Check&Drive 3.28 !

Besides general improvements and bug fixes the document management functions have been polished and will let you scan documents from your twain scanner and convert scanned images to PDF files.

The free update is available under the following link: download !

December 2014 - Update: Check&Drive V3.23 !

Check&Drive has been updated to V.3.23 and is available for immediate download on our download site: download !

September 2014 - Check&Drive V3.0 out now !

Check&Drive V. 3.17 is available for free download !
This is a major update. Update conditions for existing customers of V2.x will be released soon !