Tips and Tricks
How to apply Maintenance Templates

1. Select a template in the treeview on the left side of the program window.

2. Drag the selected template folder to the desired vehicle and drop it on its 'Maintenance' folder. All maintenance objects contained in the template folder will now be applied to the selected vehicle.

If you only want to apply a single maintenance object from within a template folder, simply select it from the listview on the right side and drag it to the desired maintenance folder of any vehicle.

How to determine the fuel consumption

In order to get the fuel consumption as accurate as possible follow some simple rules described here:

1. Keep the bill after every fuel up and note your odometer setting on the back of it.

2. In the program create a new record for every bill under "Fuel Up" for the appropriate vehicle and enter the data from your bill.

Check&Drive will automatically calculate the fuel consumption based upon the data you entered. Switch to 'Reports' in the treeview on the left side of the program window and select the 'Fuel Consumption' report.

You may either select one of the diagrams or switch to the listview and get a detailed list of the fuel consumption of all your vehicles.

The more bills you collect without gap and enter into the program, the more accurate the fuel consumption calculation will be.

By selecting different report timeframes you can easily see how your consumption is changing year by year.

Printing Lists

Allmost every listview within Check&Drive may be printed. The printing order of the records corresponds to the order of the listview on screen.

If you want to change the printing order, simply change the order of the listview by clicking on the column header of the desired column. By clicking more than once you may change from ascending to descending order and back again.

You may want to have a look on the page preview before printing in order to see if all fits well onto the page. You will find the page preview under 'Files' in the main menu.