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Frequently asked questions

A selection of frequently asked questions regarding fleet and vehicle management with Check&Drive.

The professional version has no limit in total vehicles that can be managed. The standard version is for up to 3 vehicles.

Yes, you have the option to plan your maintenance either by operating hours or miles/km.

Yes, all lists may be exported in various formats and an import wizard will help you importing data from different sources.

Since version 2.51 and upwards network support is also available.

Please use the following user data for the first login:
User name: ADMIN
Password: start

It is recommended to change the password after your first login.

You may switch between the metric measure system and US/UK measures at any time no matter which language version of the program you are using.

Yes, an inventory for your part items is available.

This is one of the most flexible parts of the program. You may define as many additional data fields as you whish. These fields will be displayed nicely aligned in categories on the property bar of each vehicle.