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Test the software for a 45 day evaluation period. After 45 days the software remains functional in read only mode.
Check&Drive 3.37
September 2016 Complete installation files
First time installation setup
Free Check&Drive fleet management software download V3.37!
September 2016 Update V.3.37
Update your existing installation from V3.x to V3.37
Download Check&Drive Update to V3.37 !
May 2016 Database Setup V.3.03
Database setup 3.03. Required only for first time network installation of the database when using Win 8.1 or higher.
Download Check&Drive Database Update to V3.03 !
Check&Drive 2.x
March 2011 Check&Drive 2.64 Update
Update from Check&Drive 2.51 or newer to V2.64.
Download Check6Drive 2.64 Update
March 2011 Check&Drive 2.64 complete installation
Use this version if you don't have a previous version installed already.
Download Check6Drive 2.64 !
September 2007 Check&Drive 2.51 complete installation
This is the minimal required program version when upgrading to V3.x.
Complete installation files V. 2.51