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The easy way to manage the maintenance and expenses of your fleet Check&Drive Take place for a free test drive now !

Check&Drive is the easy elegant affordable way to manage your fleet.

The program to easily manage your fleet and capture all maintenance tasks and costs. Fleet management with Check&Drive is a cinch. Your vehicles remain in top condition and you can always keep the full control of your maintenance expenses.

Feature list

Maintenance planning

Define maintenance tasks and track by hours, miles or kilometres.

History recording

Keep records of all repairs, maintenance tasks and expenses.

Cost control

Analyze trends in costs and compare vehicle expenses.

Document management

Attach or scan documents of any kind to your vehicles (PDF, spread sheets, word files, etc.) .

Vehicle data

Manage all relevant vehicle data. Unlimited user defined data fields and categories can be added easily !

Calendar function

All maintenance and repair tasks, appointments and expenses are clearly displayed in the calendar and may be edited here.

Parts inventory

Track parts usage when a maintenance or repair is performed. Manage your inventory, parts available qty, and more.

Fuel tracking

Record fuel transactions and monitor fuel expenses and consumption of your vehicles.

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Single-User: from US$ 128.00
Network 3 users: US$ 499.00
Prices depend on user or vehicle count.
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